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The modern company with invaluable longstanding experiences

Keyvent Öst in the past

Keyvent Öst in the present

Leif Wallrud and Claes Örman founded Keyvent Öst AB in December 2017, with the mission to become the leading company in the industry. To ensure this, we employ personnel with the highest competence and several years of experience in the business. The first year of operation we have gained 18 employees, an office in Ålem as well as Kalmar and we have a strong establishment in the energy and process industries in the region of Kalmar Län.

Keyvent Öst in the future

To mark a new standard for tomorrow’s technical solutions in our business, it is to us self-evident to not only offer the ultimate interior climate to a keen price, but to also make sure that the global climate will see a brighter future.

The Key to the Ultimate Environment