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Performance-enhancing renovation of Storken, Kalmar

"It would be beneficial for the country to invest more money to make a better interior climate in our classrooms"
David Wyon

This was said by the scientist David Wyon at the Technical University of Denmark. In a field study, he was able to show that an optimal air environment would result in a 30 percent better overall school performance. By lowering the temperature with only 3.5 degrees, the researchers were able to enhance the school results without the teacher’s or the student’s awareness. The importance of the ventilation system was tested in another survey where both the students and the teachers immediately could tell a difference between a classroom where the carbon dioxide percentage reached the maximum accepted air quality level of 1 000 ppm, and another one where the carbon dioxide level was optimized to 800 ppm.

Keyvent Öst’s responsibility during the renovation of the new school facilities at Storken was taken with greatest seriousness, since we know how much of a difference the ultimate climate can do. With the help of textile ventilation we were able to ensure the best possible interior climate that is not only smart in the lung run, but it was also smart for the client’s wallet. By lowering or switching off the ventilation when the rooms were not in use, we could also offer an energy-saving solution. While giving the customer the ultimate climate, we were also giving the upcoming generation the best possible prerequisites for future success!